🌄 Find Out How Matt Perkins is Reusing His Life Sketches and Designs into Generative NFTs

The Cold Mountain generative art creator shared his experience in the NFT space

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Today we’ll immerse ourselves in the world of one of the most consistent creators I’ve seen over the past two months. Matt Perkins (aka @nudoru) has been releasing outstanding NFT series nonstop since he discovered the Tezos art scene in December 2021. With a career that spans over twenty years in digital design, web, and application development, the American is using NFTs as a medium to express and share his talents.

Cold Mountain #70 by Matt Perkins (aka nudoru)

He has been a generative art and projects fan since the 90s. Interentigelsy, Robert Hodgin (who I wrote about a few days ago) is one of his influencers.

I don't remember the first NFT I saw, but I'm sure it was a PFP on OpenSea. I first became interested in creating them in January 2021. I'd first been exposed to generative art as art in the late '90s with Joshua Davis' Praystation site. Before that, I was in the BBS ANSI and demoscene in the early ' 90s. So I had a good grasp of what kinds of art could be created with computers. After seeing Robert Hodgin's Meander project, I decided to make a go at learning how to create gen-art, with the end goal being to release them as NFT. Later in the year, I discovered FXHash and posted my first NFT there.

In around ten weeks, Matt has released 28 collections inspired chiefly by nature and biology. Although that might seem excessive, the generative artist has developed a library where he reuses components and takes ideas from his old sketches developed slowly over the years. This may sound like a very sophisticated process, but Matt doesn’t think it that way.

Orchard #17 by Matt Perkins

I don't know if I have a process! I've tried to build a vocabulary and intuition of different techniques, and they're always swirling around in my mind. Once an idea comes to me, I sit down and try to make it happen. I've created a library of reusable code, so it's simple to pull and remix concepts from my past work. In that way, each piece builds on the work of all the ones before it. I went to college for graphic design and illustration. Several drawing and painting classes were part of that education. Since I graduated, I haven't made much use of my illustration skills but with my recent releases, I've developed a style with "natural media" to reflect my art education and the "sketchy" or unfinished nature of that work from my old sketchbooks.

His most popular collections are Orchard, Fractured Cells, and Cold Mountain. The latest commanded almost 10k Tezos (~$45k) in total volume. Impressive numbers considering it was released just one month and a half ago.


View from Matt’s “office”… Can you spot the Cold Mountain?

The response to Cold Mountain took me entirely by surprise! The momentum was building all week on Twitter, where I was sharing in-progress captures, so I had an idea of how successful it could be. I was very nervous about publishing it, and then it just took off! I experimented with a burn on any unsold editions after 3 hours, so I was on Twitter and Discord that entire time watching it go and cheering it on the whole time. The last edition was sold with just 10 minutes to spare. It was exciting watching it go, and then I crashed onto the sofa with a slice of cake and a bourbon! When I woke up the next day, just seeing the reactions and how it resonated with people... It speaks to the power of art to resonate and speak to people in so many different ways.

When asked about his inspirations, Matt mentioned a mix of gen art veterans and prominent figures in the space.

Joshua Davis - He was the first gen-artist that I discovered and followed. I love his style, drawing from designs and just off-the-wall complex compositions.

Robert Hodgin - I remember discovering his flight404 site in the early '00s and loving his designs and compositions. And then rediscovering him and his recent works. They're so complex while appearing so "real,"

Tyler Hobbs, Ben Kovach, Matt DesLauriers, I love all of their works, but I especially appreciate how they give back to the community through talks, lessons, and articles. Like myself, it helps new people get a foothold and understand how some of their fantastic work is possible.

Keith Peters, I've been following Keith from the Flash "lab" days with this http://bit101.com site. I was a Flash developer from 2003-11 and created a few generative art pieces during that time. Keith continues to showcase his great work while helping others learn and grow with his YouTube videos and blog posts.

And so many more in the FXHash community; there are too many to list here.

Fractured Cells #197 by Matt Perkins

Don’t forget to follow Matt Perkins on Twitter to stay updated with his creations and his future drops.

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