✍️ Introducing typed.art, The New Shiny Toy On Tezos

Find out more about the newest text-based marketplace and some of my favorite NFTs until now...

If you have been paying attention to the Tezos world during the past few days, you probably have seen many artists sharing their “typed art.” The reason is a new marketplace called Typed.art that lets you mint using only characters and texts with a 10k characters limit.

More than 4k NFTs were minted in less than five days, so the platform is closing on 1k mints per day.

Typed Art has taken the Tezos blockchain by storm.

Typed Art has taken the Tezos blockchain by storm.

So far, I have seen different kinds of works, from ASCII-based images to poems, stories, lyrics, and the popular “shit posts.” Here are some of my favorites until now…

  • Leander Herzog sold a couple of his Aglo’s for 100 Tezos.

Leander Herzog @lennyjpg



8:12 PM ∙ Jun 20, 2022


  • AI art pioneer Mario Kingemann - one of the hic et nunc pioneers - has been minting a lot. Here is his “Typed Bingo Card #1”.

Twitter avatar for @quasimondo

Mario Klingemann 🇺🇦 @quasimondo

Bingo Card #1 typed.art/2330


2:04 PM ∙ Jun 21, 2022


  • Coco Magnusson has been typing all kinds of pants… Yes, pants.

Twitter avatar for @CocoMagnusson

Coco Magnusson @CocoMagnusson

COMPUTERFASHION Pant typed.art/4021 1/1 10 TEZ


9:52 PM ∙ Jun 23, 2022


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  • Some have created very complex pieces, like this bass synthesizer from poco belli.

Twitter avatar for @pocobelli

pocobelli 🛸🏝 🌊 @pocobelli

Because every 909 needs a 303 😁 typed.art/3875 #tezosart #tezosnft


3:26 PM ∙ Jun 23, 2022


  • There is also room for simple written form too. Mister Reborn created a “GM, rap”, which I found very funny.

Twitter avatar for @MisterReborn

MisterReborn @MisterReborn

typed.art/@MisterReborn #typedart #tezos #Textnft


12:10 PM ∙ Jun 22, 2022

  • Philip Bell shared what he has been collecting. Outstanding works from established artists that are doing all kinds of experiments. For example, Yazid created an algorithm that uses Markov Chains…

Twitter avatar for @philipbell_

Philip Bell @philipbell_

gm @etiennedecrecy @loackme_ @Yazid @studiostrauss @xponential @lisaorthstudio @_nan0gram_ @typed_art 🖤


1:04 PM ∙ Jun 23, 2022


  • James Paterson created a bunch of 1/1s.

Twitter avatar for @presstube

James Paterson @presstube

today's fun w @typed_art typed.art/@presstube


12:02 AM ∙ Jun 24, 2022


  • I’ve been minting ideas and stories; some are GPT-3 assisted texts. You can find my typed art here.

Twitter avatar for @Kaloh_nft

Kaloh @Kaloh_nft

The Minting Rush typed.art/@kaloh @typed_art


12:29 AM ∙ Jun 23, 2022


It seems like the minimalistic design and the low minting/collecting costs are driving the adoption. This marketplace has tremendous potential, especially if future features like categories, history of purchases, and discovery capabilities are integrated at some point.

I’m particularly interested in the possibility of minting texts (this could evolve into essays, books, scripts, poems) that haven’t found a notorious home in Web 3 yet.

Until next time,

- Kaloh

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